Vector Classic Fly System

Vector® Insect Light Fly Trap

Vector® Classic 

The industry standard for insect light traps

Achieve maximum fly control for areas where hidden catch is necessary. A true pioneer in the industry, the Vector Classic provides control by capturing flying insects with low-voltage J-Tronics*. The Vector Classic is easy to service, requires little maintenance and offers superior performance.

  • Captured flies are not visible
  • Patented J-Tronics* technology
  • Ideal for use in hospitals, supermarkets, zoos, restaurants and schools
  • Electronic ballast for maximum efficiency and quality
  • 3-year warranty

*J-Tronic U.S. Patent 4,959,923 BASF Corporation

Vector® Plasma

The fastest Vector product

Achieve rapid fly control in production and storage areas of large commercial facilities and back-of-house areas of restaurants and commercial kitchens with this fast-acting unit. The Vector Plasma is quick, sleek, light weight and delivers 72 watts of insect attraction. The lift & service cover makes service and maintenance a snap.

  • Fastest catch in Vector family
  • Dual glueboards provide maximum catch area
  • Ideal for use in food processing, commercial kitchens, restaurants,warehouses and schools
  • Electronic ballast for maximum efficiency and quality
  • 3-year warranty
  • Available in two models
    • Grilled cover for quick and easy inspection
    • Screened cover for hidden glueboards

Vector® Plasma One

The smallest and most versatile Vector product

Achieve maximum fly control with the narrow and sleek design of the Vector Plasma One. This unit’s compact size delivers big fly attraction where wall space is limited, offering high quality and performance at a very competitive price.

  • Screened cover for hidden glueboards
  • Compact size fits into more places
  • Value pricing allows for multiple units in complex environments
  • Ideal for use in bars, delis, small kitchens, storage areas, trash rooms and schools

Product Dimensions

Electrical Specifications

Installation Options

Installation Recommendations

Vertical positioning

  • Place 3’ – 5’ above the floor for most flying insects.
  • Higher placement may be necessary for stored product insects.

Horizontal positioning

  • In large, open facilities, placement at 25’ – 50’ intervals along the inside of exterior walls is recommended.
  • In smaller facilities, placement near fly entryways and breeding sites is recommended.

General positioning

  • Placement should not be directly above open food.
  • Place traps as close to likely breeding sites as possible. This includes areas such as garbage and food storage areas.
  • Avoid placement that directs light out doorways or passage ways. Ideally, the light from the trap should not be visible from outside the room in which it is placed.
  • Do not place traps in areas where they can be easily obstructed.
  • Place traps in areas where they will not be easily bumped or easily tampered.
  • Take into consideration air currents caused by doorways, HVAC systems, kitchen hood and other air vents. Strong air currents could lead flying insects into unsuspecting areas.

Best trap maintenance practices

Glueboards should be changed monthly if possible. More frequent replacement is recommended in areas with heavy insect pressure.

  • Bulbs should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Replacement should take place at the beginning of the season when the heaviest flying insect pressure occurs – typically in the spring.
  • All lights are shatterproof out of the box with a sleeved bulb.

Always read and follow label instructions.
Vector is a registered trademark of BASF.

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