Ascend® Fire Ant Granular Bait

The industry's most economical fire ant bait product

Ascend® is formulated as an oil bait that functions as an attractant to fire and pharaoh ants. This product is a stomach insecticide which acts to reduce ant workers. The bait is also passed by the workers throughout the ant colony and eventually to the queen.

This product is toxic to ants; however, it is most effective against the ant queen and causes an immediate halt of egg production and disappearance of workers, which leads to the decline and eventual elimination of the ant colony. Apply when ants are actively foraging. This is typically when soil temperatures are greater than 60°F (15°C).

Benefits of Ascend® Fire Ant Granular Bait

  • Very attractive to red imported fire ants
  • Abamectin has been shown to cause a halt in fire ant egg production
  • Labeled for use in and around homes and commercial buildings

Treatment Technique: Baiting

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